Kolkata Benevolence

Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence (RCKB) is a new club under the aegis of Rotary International. It is amongst 31000 plus Rotary Clubs in 536 Rotary Districts spread across the globe and a part of Rotary International District 3291. Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence was formed on 30th April 2021, with 20 Members.

Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence (RCKB) is the most Happening Club at Kolkata currently, with many High Profile Individuals willing to join the club in the coming days.
Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence has the following 3 Visions :-
COMMUNITY SERVICE – To support and provide for the under-priviledged , by providing for Food , Clothing , Shelter , Water , Sanitation and Disease Prevention.

FELLOWSHIP – To encourage networking , bonding and business exchange among the Members, by organising Yoga , Meditation , Cultural Programs , Picnics, Socials  and Business Meets.
EMPOWERMENT – To empower Individuals, by providing FREE / SUBSIDISED Vocational Trainings and Enterprenuership Opportunities in different domains.
Members of Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence  meet ONLINE every Thursday 8 pm.

Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence plans to have ONCE A MONTH – PHYSICAL MEETING at Central Kolkata, around Dalhousie / Esplanade / Park Street.
Annual Membership Fess of Rotary Club of Kolkata Benevolence is only Rs. 8000/- only,  which is one of the Lowest among all Rotary Clubs both in Pan India and Worldwide.

What is Rotary Service?

Rotary is a Global network of passionate individuals that transform their interests into meaningful social movements that improve people’s lives. Rotary International is a worldwide organization of over 34000 clubs in over 220 countries. Rotary International is a worldwide network of business professionals and community leaders who volunteer their time and expertise to support communities locally and globally while also forming stronger bonds and friendships.

Rotary represents a cross-section of the world’s most influential people. Rotarians become more culturally sensitive and learn to love and collaborate with people from all walks of life. Rotary is a non-profit organization made up of men and women who want to support others. It is a service club that serves both local and foreign populations. Its industry is mankind, and its commodity is service lottery.

We have a unique perspective because of our many professions, traditions, and histories. Our mutual desire to help others motivates us to tackle the world’s most complex issues and help people in need and whose rights are violated. During club activities, Rotary members exchange thoughts, make plans, learn from the group, and catch up with friends, all of which help us impact, and we come up with new innovative ideas. We include tools, best practices, success stories, lessons learned, and our experiences to keep you updated and bring you to innovations. We support various events that help local and foreign groups, ranging from hands-on and financial funding for charitable organizations to youth scholarships and services to foster harmony and understanding across cultures.

Rotary is a worldwide network of motivated people who transform their interests into meaningful social causes that improve people’s lives. They aim to protect and safeguard the interests of the people. We bring together local leaders to deliver volunteer humanitarian assistance, uphold high ethical values, and aid in promoting goodwill and peace around the world. Rotary’s humanitarian efforts are focused on six main areas: peace and dispute resolution, disease prevention and care, water and sanitation, maternal and infant welfare, primary education and literacy, economic and community development, and basic education and literacy.

Why should You Join Rotary?

Our members’ collective leadership and experience help us solve some of the world’s challenging and sensitive issues. Both locally and internationally, we are unified and united by shared ideals and vision for the future as we sharpen our attention on targeted unique causes that will reach communities most in need. These principles have indeed been built over the years to provide Rotarians with the clear shared purpose and direction they serve as a basis for our relationship with one another and the action we take in the world organization.

All Rotary clubs around the world aim to help the community and those in need. Members learn more about local and international problems through club service initiatives, and they can put their time and skills to good use. Furthermore, club meetings allow members to form friendships, gain professional and personal knowledge, and meet local business leaders. Members are invited to attend conferences and every rotary club, which ensures a warm welcome and connected communities worldwide for Rotarians.